The new Doctor Who has been announced, and the internet is angry

Hi guys!

Today, the new Doctor for the popular british television show doctor who was announced. We all should of guessed, but we didn’t.

Presenting your first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker!

Yes. It happened. And honestly Jodie, we couldn’t be more happy. Its about time the show got a change. Of course we’ve all been getting hints for the last few seasons, including a female Master — the mistress, obviously — and by this alone, we probably should’ve guessed. But we didn’t. Shame on us!

You made the internet angry. You shouldn’t make the internet angry.

Of course, the internet was not to be denied its shitstorm. And oh, what a shitstorm it is.

But as we can see from that video, its not all bad. Unless you read comments. Personally, I choose not to.

My opinion:

I’m excited. Like really, really excited. I actually can’t wait for this to become a thing. I’m looking forward to see how this is pulled off, because this is a first. It has to be good.

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