I’m done with college, and I’ve got some stuff to say

Hi guys.

Stick with me here. This post is actually to people that I’m fairly sure will never see it. But even if they don’t, its worth writing.

Three years

Dear RNC staff and students,

First, I’d like to say that its been an absolute pleasure to be a student at the college — no really, it has. I’ve really loved the time I’ve had here. As I write this in my room in Orchard hall, I can reflect on how much I’ve changed since coming here as a terrified, socially awkward 16 year old. And all of you, in your own ways, have helped me with that.

I’ve really had a good time, and I’ve changed a hell of a lot. Some changes, admittedly, have been hard — diabetes as a prime example but that’s nobody’s fault. Some changes I’ve embraced with open bloody arms because to hell with it, its time to be me. I think I’ve only just started to realize that. So I want to thank you. Every single one of you, because you’ve all contributed.

Firstly, I feel like I should take the time to thank the wonderful nursing team here. Okay, so we’ve not always gotten along; But you know, I’m only alive today because of quick thinking and some of you being really, really stubborn. I’m absolutely bloody positive there have been times you’ve all wanted to throttle me for being an annoying little s**t. And you know something? That’s okay. I think I’d have done the same in your position. So thank you, all of you.

Second, everybody who’s been unfortunate enough to teach me. I have a question, actually. How? I know how difficult its been to actually teach me at all, and not only because of this illness. I’m a stubborn, arrogant, some times know all little s**t. And I know that. But you were all there when I needed help, if I asked for it, and gave me everything you could to insure I passed. And you’ve helped with my development. I’m not scared to speak up in class any more. I’ve made friends, not just ones that I can talk to in the class either. And we’ve all had a laugh over the past three years, too. I’m grateful for that, and all the other little things that I just can’t remember — yes, even my constant grammar checks on myself!

Third, to the residential staff. God, what can I say? Every one of you have been wonderful. Completely bloody wonderful. I’m not even sure if I’ll get to see all of you to thank you in person before I leave, I really would like to, but that’s not the point. You watched me turn from a scared as hell, never lived away from home 16 year old into who I am today. Arrogant yes, but a good person. And honestly, I don’t think I could have done that without you guys. Its been a bloody wonderful ride. I’ve loved every second of it. And yeah, I’ve done some bloody stupid things here, too. And you were still there. All of you. So thank you.

And last, to everybody else. My key worker, Cathy, though she’ll never see this unless I print it out. I’m sure she’d say something about technology and how its all too bloody complicated, but that’s okay. But honestly, Cathy, I’m no inspiration. I’m just me. To all the students who’ve become friends and shown me what its like to both keep my real ones around and to lose the people I don’t need, thank you all. I really, really mean that. To the canteen staff, who must be fed up of bloody sandwiches by now, its alright. I’m gone soon, I promise! And all the other people, all the ones that keep this place running, everybody that just does stuff so we can all have the best experience possible, thank you.

But that’s it. I’m done. I passed the BTEC, I passed Cisco CCNA1, though I’m sure Graham has a few more grey hairs by now because of it. On Friday, I go home. I start a new chapter of my life, and honestly? I feel like that terrified 16 year old again. But I know its going to be okay, because I’ve had this experience now. I know what this is like. I can get through anything, and its all because of you guys. You’ve all helped so much. Thank you.

Now its almost time for me to stop writing because I’m almost crying over this damn keyboard. If you want to contact me, that can be done over on my personal twitter, where I put absolutely everything.

Thanks for reading,
Kyle, A.K.A. Luca.